Research Projects

Research projects

The lab focuses on energy, sensing, environmental and bioelectronics applications as follows

    Perovskite, CTS, Organic and Quantum Dot Photovoltaic Solar Cells: Fundamental Investigation & Device Engineering.

    Nanomaterials for Gas Sensing Applications; Fundamental Investigation & Device Engineering.

    Carbon Nanostructured Materials (Graphene, Carbon Nanofibers and CNTs): Synthesis, Characterization and Device Engineering in Supercapacitors/Batteries/Fuel Cells applications.

    Nano-Piezo Electric Materials: Approaches to Energy Scavenging

    Strain Gauge Sensors: Materials and Fabrication.

    Thin Film and Bulk Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials.

    Plasmonic Nanostructured Materials as Photo-thermal Membranes.

    CNTs and Graphene-Based Materials for Printed and Flexible Electronic Application.

    Photocatalysis and Environmental Catalysis for Hydrogen Generation and Fisher Tropcsh Synthesis.

    Modeling and Simulation of Nanostructured Materials for Sensing and Energy systems

    Corrosion and Super-hydrophobic Coatings with Self-healing Properties.

    Chitosan, Chitosan-Nanoparticles and Nanofibers Preparation and Characterization for Tissue Engineering and Drug Systems.